Best Pseudogynecomastia Exercises – How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

The problem with man boobs, sometimes called pseudogynecomastia, is that nobody that has them wants to talk about it. Mostly those that have them are quite embarrassed, sometimes ridiculed, and so they try to hide the fact with loose fitting shirts that they never tuck in. Some men even avoid going to weddings and other formal events because they don’t want to have to dress up in anything tight. But, as more and more people gain weight, there seems to be an ever increasing number of men with enlarged breasts.


You Have To Combat Them On All Fronts

These enlarged breasts didn’t happen overnight, and many men are in denial as to how large they’ve become. When you point out to them the shear size their breasts have achieved they suck in their stomachs, stand up straight, then change the subject as quick as possible.

The fist way to fight the unsightly chest bumps is with a solid exercise program. Working out on a daily basis to burn calories and get in better shape is good for your overall health and helps rid you of your manly boobs in several ways. The more aerobic work you do, the more fat you burn off, and the smaller your breasts will become.

Pseudogynecomastia Exercises For Getting Rid Of Man Boobs

In addition to that, by doing a number of pseudogynecomastia exercises, designed specifically to reduce their size and strengthen the chest muscles, you can get some fairly quick results. Many times the chest muscles have become soft and flabby from lack of use, they begin to sag just like the fat that rides on top of them. By working out with a personal trainer to show you a number of different exercises, you can get the muscles in shape and keep them there.

Another Part Of The Equation Is Diet

Let’s face it, most people that sport large andro-jugs are overweight or even obese. No matter how much they work out, there’s going to be too much fat on their chests to eliminate the problem. They need to be cutting back on the calories at the same time they’re working the chest muscles, and doing aerobics too.

Not only that, they also need to cut back on all of the processed foods, fast foods, and deep fried foods that they’re eating. Not only do these foods cause heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes, but they pack on the pounds in the abdominal area, exactly where you don’t need them.

The next part of the plan will be to eliminate all other processed foods that you buy at the store. That’s all white breads, white rice, chips, and just about anything that was made in a factory. These foods are full of strange chemicals, pesticide residues, and hormones that kill off the testosterone in the body, plus they’re incredibly low on fiber.

Switch to high fiber vegetables, beans, peas and carrots to quicken the pace of your intestinal flow. This keeps the saturated fats from being absorbed plus reduces your risk of colon cancer and type two diabetes. The more soluble fiber you can eat the better for your health.

If you’re having a man boob problem, start with diet and exercise to see the fastest results. Just two weeks of losing weight and working out daily will even have you standing up straighter which will mask the problem partially as well. Once you’ve made some good progress find a testosterone boosting supplement to help you get your hormone levels back to where they were when you were young, then don’t give up until you’re completely satisfied.