What Causes Pseudogynecomastia & Gynecomastia?

Man breasts or pseudogynecomastia are more common than you might think. This condition is usually found in people who are obese, do not eat healthily or do not regularly exercise. There are actually two types of man breasts. The first is a real medical condition, gynecomastia and is often caused by hormonal imbalances which result in over-developed mammary glands in a man’s chest. This condition may also be caused by certain medications, so usually require treatment by a healthcare provider.


The second type is pseudogynecomastia and is the result of excess fat in the chest tissue. These are usually a combination of body fats and glands in the chest. If a man is overweight, he will need to lose weight before he will see a reduction in the man breasts. It is not necessary to get surgery to remove man breasts, although if there is excess skin once the weight is lost, sometimes surgery can help.

Most men are horrified to find they are developing male breasts. They are embarrassed and often will not be seen in public without a shirt. When men begin developing male breasts, they usually start looking for an easy solution.

The reality is there is no easy solution to eliminate or reduce excess fat on the chest. It will take time and work. Men who are simply overweight must begin eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Exercise that helps increase their muscle mass will be the most beneficial for reducing the appearance of male breasts.

Their diet should consist of green leafy vegetables and lots of lean protein. They should stay away from sweets, especially those containing processed sugars. It is important to also limit calorie intake since they are trying to lose weight at the same time they are starting a healthy diet.

Adding some type of aerobic exercise such as running or brisk walking can also help to lose the weight and eliminate male breasts. Jogging or running is considered one of the most effective exercises when trying to lose weight. There is also the added benefit of improved heart health. If a person cannot tolerate the high impact of running or jogging, brisk walking can also be effective in losing weight. Begin by walking ten minutes three or four times a day. Slowly build up your walking time and begin adding gradual hills or inclines. You will find you can walk for longer and do more hills before you know it.

If neither jogging or walking appeals to you, try swimming. This is also a good alternative to high-impact exercises and provides the additional benefit of whole-body toning. Swimming is a great way to lose weight and get into shape. Combining a healthy diet with regular exercise is the best way to lose weight and get rid of male breasts.

Once you have lost the weight, you may find you have unsightly excess skin. Talk with your doctor about surgery to remove this skin. This may help you feel better about yourself. You can not only feel better but look better, too.