How To Diagnose If You Have Pseudogynecomastia

Some men develop fatty deposits in their chest area that resemble breasts. These man breasts can be caused by a medical condition or may be a result of excess weight. It is important to get a doctor’s evaluation before trying to get rid of man breasts. If the condition is medical or gynecomastia, the doctor may prescribe medications or steroids as a treatment. If these don’t work, they may then recommend surgery. If the man breasts are caused by excess weight, then the doctor can help the patient determine the best plan to lose the extra weight and get rid of the man breasts.


If a man has gynecomastia, the male mammary glands are abnormally large. This may be caused by a hormone imbalance, low testosterone levels or high estrogen levels. If a man has very high estrogen and very low testosterone, then they may develop man breasts. This often occurs in teenage boys going through puberty but tends to fix itself once puberty has passed.

Pseudogynecomastia appears very similar to gynecomastia but has very different causes. Most of the time, enlarged breasts in pseudogynecomastia are caused by excess weight. The man will develop excess adipose tissue in their breast area. This means fats form around the male breasts creating the appearance of large breasts. The best way to deal with pseudogynecomastia is through diet and exercise.

Fortunately, pseudogynecomastia is easy to treat. It may take a while, but with dedication and perseverance, a man can lose the weight and get rid of the man breasts.

If the condition is medical, it may take surgery to return a man’s appearance to normal. There are several ways for a man with pseudogynecomastia to improve their appearance. These include diet and exercise, as well as surgery if there is excess skin once the weight is lost.

As a man gets older, their metabolism slows down and they may begin to gain weight. If they don’t get this weight gain under control, they may find themselves looking at man breasts in the mirror. The best exercises for reducing man breasts are those which burn a lot of calories and those which help increase muscle mass. This means jogging or walking, along with weightlifting and resistance training.

If a man isn’t able to tolerate high impact exercise, they can consider swimming as an alternative. Swimming is a great exercise for burning calories and also tones various areas of the body. Swimming is also a good aerobic exercise and helps improve heart health.

While the man is working on eliminating his man breasts, he can wear clothes which help camouflage the problem areas. Certain compression garments can be helpful in pressing in the excess skin and making a man look better. It is also possible to undergo cosmetic surgery to remove the man breasts, but this is usually not covered under healthcare insurance and can be very expensive.

If you are dealing with unsightly man breasts, discuss your options with your doctor. If you need to lose weight, a healthy diet, and good exercise plan are keys to improving your appearance and feeling much better.