Pseudogynecomastia Diet – What To Eat To Get Rid Of Man Boobs?

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing man breasts instead of a chiseled chest? Pseudogynecomastia occurs when a man gains too much weight and begins to develop fat deposits in their chest area. Instead of hard pectorals, they have flabby man breasts. This can be very embarrassing, especially if the man wants to go swimming or even remove his shirt to mow the lawn. While developing man breasts tends to occur as a man gets older and puts on weight, it can also occur in young boys before they go through puberty. Fortunately, once the child is finished with puberty, the man breasts have usually disappeared.


There are certain foods which seem to contribute to the creation of these unsightly fat deposits. These foods contain phytooestrogens which contribute to fat deposits. It may also be a case of certain hormones being out of balance and causing fat to be deposited where it should not be.

There are more than 300 plants which contain oestrogens and which can contribute to fatty deposits. These foods are generally divided into different classes. Lignans are found in cereals, alcohol, and legumes, while isoflavins are found in soybeans and other types of soy products. Oestrogens may also be found in flaxseed.

As we age, our metabolism slows which can also contribute to the development of man breasts. Many men also become more sedentary as they get older, which further contributes to the process. If a man continues to eat as he did when he was younger but doesn’t increase his exercise or activity, he may very well gain weight and develop pseudogynecomastia.

Most doctors will want to do an evaluation before making a diagnosis, just in case the man has real gynecomastia. This is a condition where the hormones are out of balance or there is some other medical reason for a man to develop man breasts. When this happens, the doctor will usually prescribe medication or steroid shots to reduce or eliminate the fatty deposits in the breast tissue.

If these do not work, the doctor may recommend surgery to remove the fatty deposits. This surgery is generally safe and almost always effective.

One of the most effective ways to reduce or eliminate the fatty deposits causing man breasts is to exercise. Weightlifting is a very good way to increase muscle mass and reduce the appearance of male breasts. The lifting should focus on the upper back, upper chest, shoulders, and lower chest. It is also important to include some sort of aerobic activity such as jogging or walking to help burn off excess calories. If the man cannot tolerate any high impact exercise, they can swim to lose the extra weight. Swimming also has the added benefit of toning the entire body which will help eliminate the man breasts even more quickly.

If you or someone you know has man breasts, it is possible to get rid of them. Eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise will help you lose weight. As the weight comes off, so to should the man breasts.