What Is The Pseudogynecomastia And Obesity Connection?

You might say that andro jugs, or man boobs, are a growing problem in North America. But that would be putting a comical twist on what many men consider a huge embarrassment. In fact, lots of men won’t take off their shirts in public, or even in private, because they don’t want anyone to see their enlarged breasts. As men age their breasts seem to just get larger and larger each year with no end in sight. There are some things to combat this huge problem, let’s take a look at some obvious solutions now.


Of Course, You Can Exercise And Fix Half The Problem

There is a direct connection to being fat or obese and pseudogynecomastia, which is the scientific name for man boobs. Nearly all over weight men have them to some degree or another, but you can exercise and stop them from sagging too.

If you start doing bench presses, pushups, arm curls and dozens of other chest and arm exercises daily, you’ll definitely see results. Not only will some of the fat disappear from your breast area but the muscles that have atrophied will tighten up and look better.

Aerobic exercise helps too, but in a different way. Your body needs help reducing your obesity, and daily walking will eat away at the fat over the entire body. Every 3,000 calories you burn equals about 1 lb. of body weight. But at the same time you’re consuming the extra fat, you’ll also be replacing some of it with muscle. The advantage of muscle is that it weighs more and is more compact at the same time. Plus, at rest, muscles burn calories all day every day, while fat doesn’t.

You Should Also Change Your Diet

Not only should you decrease your calorie intake in order to lose weight but you also need to change the types of foods that you eat. Eliminate all processed meats like hot dogs, bologna and sausages, never eat at fast food restaurants either. Then, switch to only whole grains, no more white bread, white rice, or pastries. Eat whole grain cereals, oat meal, and lots of beans.

Learn how to cooked beans in your slow cooker, they taste delicious and are easy to cook that way. Cook up several pounds of them and then freeze them in containers so that you always have several types on hand. Beans are the perfect food for reducing the fat in your diet, they’re loaded with fiber, and have tons of protein as well. If you buy them in the bulk foods area of the supermarket they are the cheapest, best food you can possibly buy.

Add Testosterone Boosting Supplements To Your Diet Too

As men age their male hormone, testosterone, decreases slowly each year. This hormone is responsible for many functions in the body, including directing the placement of fats for storage. That’s why men start putting on the pounds around the mid section later in life.

There are some great supplements that will gradually encourage the body to produce more testosterone. This will slowly but surely reduce the man boobs, increase lean muscles, increase libido and help boost energy levels all at the same time.

By doing everything at the same time, diet, weight loss, exercise and supplements, you should see results in just a couple of weeks. Remember, it took years to grow your over-sized breasts, it will take some time to get rid of them as well.