How To Tell When Surgery Is Needed To Eliminate Man Boobs

Pseudogynecomastia and gynecomastia are conditions which occur in men. Each results in an enlarged breast, often called man boobs. With gynecomastia, there may be some underlying medical problem causing this breast enlargement. With pseudogynecomastia, the enlarged breasts are a result of excess fat. If a person has no obvious obesity issues, it may take a healthcare provider to make a correct diagnosis. It can take several tests and examinations to determine the exact cause of the enlargement. A healthcare provider may use x-rays, male mammography, and blood tests to determine an accurate diagnosis. Since mammary tissue is very dense, it often requires special mammography to determine if the person has pseudogynecomastia or gynecomastia.


Surgery Or Healthy Weight Loss And Exercise – Is It Gynecomastia Or Pseudogynecomastia?

When an individual has pseudogynecomastia, the blood tests will reveal minimum levels of estrogen and adequate levels of testosterone. When these test results are combined with a normal amount of breast tissue, the doctor will usually determine the individual has pseudogynecomastia.

If laboratory tests indicate heightened levels of estrogen or decreased levels of testosterone and the doctor finds breast tissue, the diagnosis may be gynecomastia. Occasionally, adolescent males will develop breasts, but these usually disappear as the boy goes through puberty. The biggest difference between these two conditions is how they are treated.

It is simpler to treat pseudogynecomastia because the underlying cause is generally excess weight. The doctor may prescribe certain exercises and a limited diet to help with weight loss. It is possible the doctor may determine pseudogynecomastia surgery is necessary to remove excess tissue and reduce the size of the male breasts. This surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon.

If the diagnosis is gynecomastia, the doctor may prescribe medications to help balance hormones. They may also recommend surgery to remove the breast tissue. This surgery should be performed by a plastic surgeon trained in working with male breast tissue.

True gynecomastia occurs in about 35 percent of men. It may be temporary but is often permanent if left untreated. The condition not only causes physical issues, it may also cause psychological problems. This condition is usually found in adolescent boys and in elderly men. When the condition is diagnosed in young boys, it may disappear as the boy ages.

If the condition is pseudogynecomastia, then the treatment will usually include diet and exercise. If a male is not active or not eating healthy, they may develop excess fat in their breasts. Their doctor may recommend strength training and muscle building exercises to help burn off the excess weight. If the enlargement is severe, there may be excess skin, even if the man loses the weight. In this case, the doctor may determine that surgery to remove the excess tissue is the right course of action. This is usually considered a cosmetic procedure, so may not be covered by health insurance. It is best to try and lose weight and build muscle before resorting to surgery to treat pseudogynecomastia.

Whether a man has gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia, treatment is possible. Discuss the condition with your healthcare provider to determine which treatment plan is best for you.