Pseudogynecomastia Treatment

Man boobs have really become a thing in recent years. More men are overweight now, plus there maybe some environmental factors playing a role as well. It’s possible that some of the hormones that are fed to milk cows are getting into the food supply of humans. Plus, there are other types of chemicals bombarding us from pesticides, herbicides, plastic residues and millions of other sources. There are some ways to lessen the size of your ‘man boobs’ but first it helps to know the cause, and the type.


If You Have Man Boobs There Are Pseudogynecomastia Treatments Available

When an adolescent gets the appearance of boobs it’s usually due to a hormone imbalance that just needs to be waited out. It can happen in the early teens to mid teens, and sometimes they’re quite embarrassing and painful. The condition isn’t permanent or dangerous, and has to do with the changing hormones of young men this age.

This type of man boobs are called gynecomastia and can afflict thin males and well as over weight males since it’s not weight related. Most of the time it only lasts six to eight months, but can go on as long as a year or more. Waiting is the only remedy and it will correct itself. If you’re concerned you should see a doctor or endocrinologist for reassurance.

The other type of gynecomastia happens in older men and it may be treatable depending on the source of the problem. Go to a doctor and have an exam to see if there is a medical cause that can be eliminated. There are some types of medicines and chemotherapy drugs that can cause this problem and a good doctor will know all the right questions to ask. If there is a solution, he’ll recommend it.

The Other, More Common Problem Is Pseudogynecomastia

The Pseudo on the front of the name means false and it’s because it’s not really the original disease that the name was invented for. It’s more likely the result of too much fat being deposited in the breast areas. Usually there is too much fat on the entire body as well, but not all of the time.

The first pseudogynecomastia treatment is to lose some weight, most likely a lot of weight. Plus, sometimes the fat you lose won’t come off in the places you want it to the most, so exercise is in order. In addition to that, just cutting out calories isn’t going to be as effective as changing your diet to more vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats and no processed foods.

When you go to the grocery store, spend all of your time in the produce aisle, plus dairy and lean meat. Don’t buy anything that comes from a factory or in a package to start with. Then, avoid fast foods, pack your lunch, buy a crock pot and some plastic containers so you can eat healthy foods all day every day. Eat only whole grains too, no more white bread or pastries, only whole grains. Oatmeal for breakfast with fresh fruits and skim milk is the perfect start for the day.

If you have man boobs the best pseudogynecomastia treatments are going to be the opposite of what produced them in the first place. Eat less, eat right, lose weight, exercise aerobically, and finally do some serious chest exercises to strengthen the muscles there as well.